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Doctoral Training

8 June 2021

Doctoral training of the Bordeaux Metabolome platform for PhD students of the University of Bordeaux

9:00 - Introduction to Bordeaux Metabolome Facility and untargeted metabolomics. Pierre Pétriacq
We will start the training by introducing the Bordeaux Metabolome Facility, then presenting untargeted metabolomic approaches.

10:00 - Grape and Wine LCMS-based targeted metabolomics. Josep Valls
Wine is a complex chemosystem with many different classes of compounds coexisting and coevolving to determine wine quality and identity. We will present targeted approaches by MS for identification and quantification of wine specialised metabolites.

11:00 - NMR and wine authenticity. Tristan Richard
The latest trends in NMR metabolomics as an effective tool for official wine control and authenticity will be presented.

12:00 - Lunch break

13:00 - The great family of lipids in all its states. Sébastien Mongrand, Laetitia Fouillen
This presentation will show the immense structural and functional diversity of lipids present in oils, fats and membranes of plants and animals, but also in the surface lipids of leaves or skin... The second part of the presentation will be devoted to lipid analysis methods, focusing on the methods developed at Bordeaux Metabolome.

14:00 - Environmental metabolomics for ecotoxicology. Nicolas Creusot
This presentation will focus on the application of metabolomics to uncover the response of aquatic wildlife to chemicals stress and associated current challengse in the global change context.

15:00 - Metabolomics and plant phenotyping: challenges and prospectives. Yves Gibon
The final, prospective talk will reflect on the challenges of plant phenotyping and how it could connect to metabolomics.

16:00 – Concluding remarks. All