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Sylvain Pringent, Sebastien Mongrand and Nicolas Creusot participate to the BORDEAUX UNIVERSITY METABODAY

Sylvain Prigent.: Using metabolomics to predict maize yield in a network of experiments.

Sebastien Mongrand: Role of sphingolipids in toxin perception during plant-pathogen interaction

Nicolas Creusot: Uncovering ecosytemic responses of acquatic biofilms to urban chemical stress using an untargeted metbolomics approach

Scientific days MetaboHUB

This year's 8th MetaboHUB Scientific Days took place by videoconference from 27th to 29th April 2020.

Open protocols online

We propose to make open protocols available online with attribution of a DOI so that they can be referenced in scientific articles, technical reports, data papers or any other document and can be consulted by all users or even paper reviewers for an open science. We rely for this on the online platform which is perfect for science methods, assays, operational procedures and checklists for keeping our protocols up to date as recommended by Good Laboratory Practice (GLP @ OECD).


Daniel Jacob (2020) Data Preparation Protocol for ODAM Compliance,  doi:10.17504/ -


The platform participates in the MetaboDay

This day of meetings between different scientists from the Bordeaux region working on metabolomics aims to promote interactions between scientists from different units and departments and thus create a "metabolomics" community.

P. Petriacq, J. Valls et L. Fouillen from the facility have a talk and also several collaborators of our plateform

2nd French - Indian Symposium

Plants with Health Benefits and Biomolecules of Interest : From the plantlets to the tablet

The 2nd French - Indian Symposium between Bordeaux and Hyderabad aims at creating a network between, companies, scientists, professors and students from both Universities and both sites on the topic of Plants with health benefits and biomolecules of interest for dietary supplements and Natural Health Products.

from 27th to 29th November 2019 in Bordeaux

LipidomYstes 2019

The Journées des LipidomYstes will take place on 3 and 4 October 2019 following the GERLI congress in Compiègne.
On the 1st day we discussed isotope labelling (with and without enrichment) and lipidomic flow.
The 2nd day was dedicated to lipidomic reprocessing software and the afternoon was devoted to the targeted analysis of minority lipids.
L. Fouillen and S. Mongrand had the opportunity to present during these days

Co-edition METABOLITES issues: "Fruit Metabolism and Metabolomics"

Two members of Bordeaux Metabolome Facility, A. Moing & P. Pétriacq, are co-editing a "Fruit Metabolism and Metabolomics" special issue in METABOLITES journal, and are soliciting articles, reviews or short communications about this topic.

Keywords : Fruit metabolomics, Developmental metabolomics, Spatial metabolomics, Lipidomics, Fruit metabolomic profiling, Central metabolism, Specialized metabolism, Mass spectrometry, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Omics data integration.

Submission deadline : 30 novembre 2019


Communication to Franco-Israeli symposium on Magnetic Resonance

Bordeaux Metabolome Platform’s member – Catherine Deborde- was invited to give an oral communication at a Franco-Israeli symposium on Magnetic Resonance at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. The title was “NMR-based metabolomics at Bordeaux Metabolome Facility: 4 short stories”. That was a good opportunity to meet people involved in magnetic resonance on both side of the Mediterranean Sea, to do networking, to visit NMR labs and see the Gigahertz NMR spectrometer being installed.

Perennisation des données de la recherche

Conference: Make our data great (again)

Daniel Jacob, membre de la plateforme, participated to Journée d’étude "Interopérabilité et pérennisation des données de la recherche, Comment FAIR en pratique ? ". His presentation Make our data great (again) de la "Session 3 : Les principes FAIR, une nouvelle opportunité pour améliorer ses pratiques en matière de gestion de données?" can been seen [Link]


Conf Make our data great again



LipidomYste 2018

Sebastien Mongrand attends to lipidomYstes 2018 symposium, Lyon 25-26 october 2018. He presented his work about the use of monolayer for studying plant sphingolipids.

LipidomYste 2018