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Recent or on going projects hosted on the Metabolome Facility

The Facility contributes to diverse regional, national or international projects with for instance ANR ou European financing. The Facility is used by more than 50 teams each year.

Scientific context

Examples of biological models

Examples of partners
Screening of transformants / mutants for candidate genes Arabidopsis, Melon, Tomato Univ. Tsukuba, Japan
Univ. Barcelone, Spain
LBM Bordeaux
Screening of genetic resources or offsprings Tomato, Grapevine, Maize UGAFL Avignon
EGFV Bordeaux
MycSA Bordeaux
UR AgroImpact Estrées-Mons
Systems biology Grapevine, Maize,Tomato BFP Bordeaux – PSH Avignon MPIMP Golm, Germany
LEPSE Montpellier
EGFV Bordeaux
Biomarkers of biotic or abiotic effects
Plant /pathogen relationships

Apple, Lettuce, Maize, Wheat, Medicago, Plantago, Sugar beet, Rice, Pine, Grapevine, Sunflower

CNRS-Univ. Paris 7 - APESA Pau
IBSV Sofia-Antipolis, MycSA Bordeaux, BIOGECO Bordeaux
BFP Bordeaux
UGAFL Avignon, BGPI Montpellier, UMR GDEC Clermont-Ferrand, UMR SADV Lille
INRES Bonn, Germany
Univ. Faro, Portugal
UMR SVQV, Colmar
LIPM Toulouse
UPMC Paris
UR AgroImpact, Estrées-Mons
Study of cultural practices
Ecophysiology, Modeling
Peach, Tomato, Rapeseed, Grapevine PSH Avignon
EVA Caen
Univ. A. Bello, Santiago, Chile
Univ. Cartagena, Murcia, Spain
Characterization of cell or tissue composition and metabolism, characterization of culture medium Fusarium, Tomato,
BFP Bordeaux, MycSA Bordeaux
NuMeA St Pée
Characterization of the composition and effects of processed products Oil, Wine, Diverse plant extracts, Fish feed Univ. Béjaia, Algeria / Univ. Tunis, Tunisia
IFAPA, Spain
Univ. Yaoundé, Cameroun
NuMeA St Pée
New biofuels Algea, Yeast Industrie Aéronautique
Lipid metabolism/signaling Arabidopsis, Yeast, Maize, Palm tree, Rapeseed IBMP Strasbourg, IECB Bordeaux,
IRD Montpellier, UMR EVA Caen
Ecolab Toulouse, LBM Bordeaux
Carlton Univ. Toronto, Canada
Univ. Edinburgh, UK
Metabolic fluxes Arabidopsis, Tomato BFP Bordeaux